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The harsh Russian winter is on the nose, so there are very few photos of  yourDetector NOVA so far. Be patient, we will soon add many new photos and videos to the gallery!

Yourdetector NOVA videos

Since the device is assembled on the platform of our well-known YourDetector Quasar ARM metal detector, the technical characteristics are also the same, and in some moments surpass the Quasar ARM. Below are a few videos that allow you to judge the capabilities of the device

top speed

NOVA detector has a truly champion speed and excellent target separation, which allows it to compete with devices that were previously considered class-leading

As you can see from this video, even at the slowest speed (VERY SLOW filter), the device perfectly separates nearby targets (nails), and is also able to see even microscopic targets in difficult conditions (small coins - scales)

best in class IRON CANCELLING

Due to the high speed of operation and the information content of the signal, YourDetector NOVA  has one of the best capabilities in the class for cutting off / discriminating complex iron (rusty, ring, etc.)

This feature allows our cute Lady-Diggers to save energy by not digging nails and pieces of rusty roof iron, and also to dig only precious metal rings, completely ignoring Iron ones ;)

stable work even in the difficult soils

МД YourDetector NOVA has excellent depth indicators, and works equally well in both light and complex soils (modern digital MDs often show excellent results "in the air", but are blown away on difficult soils, such as Chernozems (black-soils), and even more so Clay)

ATTENTION: be patient - this is a very long video, which discusses different firmware of the metal detector, and there is also a small comparison with another well-known device.


When assembling the device, we use only the highest quality components, which allows us to pull EVERYTHING out of the device!

Noise-free work at MAXIMUM sensitivity? No problem!!


Not the most interesting example, but still :) This video shows a comparison of MD NOVA with devices that have the corresponding cost. As you can see - devices of the perfect class.

At the same price - NOVA gives many times more opportunities

Metal detectoryourDetector
(Aces, TXes)
(Terras, Vanyas, Оrcs)
Half-profess. (Dxxx, Exxxxx)
Price250 EUR150-350 EUR350 EUR - 550 EUR900 EUR-1200 EUR
Additional coil price90EUR80 EUR - 150 EUR150 EUR-350 EUR400 EUR - 650 EUR
Wireless headphones
1 EUR - 20 EURno50 EUR - 150 EUR75 EUR -
200 EUR
depth for  25mm coin in the air60303565
depth for 25mm coin in the light soil
depth for 25mm coin in the heavy soil28-3515-2020-2515-35
iron discrim.
10/100/102/101-8 / 10
(90 tones)
2 tones2-5 tones, polyphonypolyphony,
45-90 tones
FM, 87-108Мhz zero delaynono/yes2.4gHz,
40 - 150мS delay
Multi- frequencyYes, 3-5 frequencies in one coil
noYes, 3-5 frequencies or Multi-FrequencyYes, 3-5 frequencies or Multi-requency
Ground Filters / ReactivityЕсть, 5nono / yesYes, 7
Ergonomics10/102/102/101 - 8 / 10
Portability10/101/102/102 - 8 / 10
Settings flexibility9/100/102-4 / 108-10 / 10
Price of Upgrade / Repair$$$$$$$$$
Reduce of the cost of a used instrument$$$$$$$$
nono / yesyes


On the left side of the table is a quick comparison with three groups of metal detectors. In order not to offend the bourgeois manufacturer, we use the "folk" names of MD :)

The first group includes entry-level devices, at a price approximately equal to the cost of YourDetector NOVA.

Next up are mid-range devices. Not a pro, but already having some of the properties of devices from professional series (for example, multi-frequency, polyphonic sound). The cost of such detectors usually ranges from 350 to 550 EUR

And finally a group of semi-professional and professional MDs. The cost will exceed the cost of NOVA at times, while the possibilities will be very close

General conclusion: NOVA, despite its low cost, is quite capable of occupying a niche close to professional models, leaving Entry and Intermediate level MDs far behind

Miracles, you say? No miracles, just an honest pricing policy, production in Russia, and no "nano-technologies". Look at how much a coil from a semi-professional MD costs, and you will see how much technology is in it, and how much "OVER-PRICES" (the cost of coils, roughly, is about 450 EUR. Inside, such coils are about the same as in the NOVA coil for 100 EUR.  The rest is the salaries of the Boards of Directors and Shops ;) )

An important conclusion on the CHOICE of a metal detector. Most novice diggers will go to a shop where they will most likely be sold a "traditional low cost entry level MD". A huge minus will be that your competitors in 95% of cases go with the same devices. As experience shows, most likely dozens of Diggers with Basic MDs have already prospected in front of you. Therefore, unless you live in the Siberia or Taiga, or on a Desert Island, to be able to compete and continue to successfully pull targets from depths inaccessible to Beginners, you need a Good Device.

Such as yourDetector NOVA.

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Fill out the form and we will contact you within half an hour.
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